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Mission and Philosophy

For the School Counseling Program: The MISSION of our School Counseling Program is to provide all students the tools, strategies, and information to help them to not only become successful students, but to be fully prepared to be a productive citizen in the 21st century. We will address the Personal/Social, Academic, and Career domains in all grade levels. We will deliver our services through individual counseling, small group work, classroom lessons or through school-wide initiatives. We will collaborate with parents, staff, and community resources to help our students achieve their goals and remove any obstacles. Our PHILOSOPHY is that every child can achieve to their highest potential with the right education, support, and guidance.

Counseling Services

  • Counsel Individuals

  • Counsel Small Groups

  • Teach Classroom Guidance Lessons on various topics (Including Promote RESPECT, Kindness, Bullying, Decision Making, Getting Along with Others, Self-Control, Stress Management, Responsibility, Internet Safety, and Career Awareness)

  • Serve as a Resource for Parents

  • Consult and Collaborate with School Personnel and Community Agencies

  • Coordinate Student Services

  • Weekend Backpack Food Program

  • Teach Test Preparation

  • Interpret Assessments

  • Facilitate College and Career Readiness

  • Serve as a Resource to the Child Study Committee

  • Serve as a Resource to Gifted Identification Committee

  • Assist with Crisis Intervention

  • Conduct School wide Programs

  • Specific to Individual Schools

  • Support and Reinforce Essential Skills taught by Classroom

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